Self -care          Oct.15.2018

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is care provided “for you, by you.” Our daily lives are full obstacles, rise and fall, learning and unlearning. Self-care is doing things that make you feel good physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to help you cope with everyday stresses.


Our daily work, school and personal lives has its challenges. Self-care is a extremely beneficial for one to develop a caring attitude and relationship with themselves, and to continually prioritize self-care practices. Self-care is also very beneficial to your my mental health, in order for it to keep flourishing to an optimal level you have to have the ability to realize your potential when feeling worthless, cope with normal everyday stresses, complete daily routine/tasks with ease and to help others.

Taking Responsibility -

Taking responsibility of your own self-care is understanding and recognizing the benefits of having a consistent self-care practice and taking action to continuously implement these practices into your daily routine so that they become a habit. You are responsible for creating your own life, you have full control of the actions and steps it takes for you to improve your overall health and well-being. In taking responsibility you find solutions to improve your health, recognize the negative self-talk and shift it into positive and seek help from those who are more skilled. We often tend to blame others weather it be family, friends, partners, acquaintances, teachers, co-workers, employers when we are going through difficult times when really everything we need is within us and we have full responsibility and control of our lives.

3 Self-Care practices in my daily routine -


Yoga is a blend of meditation, breathing techniques and postures.

It’s a healing modality uniting the mind, body and soul.

I practice yoga because it makes me feel good, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Yoga is a practice that I take with me off the mat and into all areas of my life. Yoga makes

me feel calm, relaxed, self-aware and compassionate.


Meditation is a practice for the mind, training one’s awareness

and getting a healthy sense of perspective.

Meditation improves my mental health by learning how to step

back and observe my thought pattern, relate to my thoughts with

acceptance and without judgment.

The Five-Minute Journal

Writing down 3 things I’m grateful for, 3 things that would make

the day great , daily affirmations, 3 amazing things that happened

during the day and how I could of made the day better.

Writing in this journal improves my mental health and is apart of my self-care

practice because it gives me the opportunity to set the tone of my day and

reflect at night. It gives me the ability to acknowledge my accomplishments

and look at my problems and ways to move through them.